Aims & Ethos

At Moss Hey we put a great emphasis on high quality teaching and learning, with high expectations of every child’s progress. Behind every learning experience is the understanding that each pupil must do their very best. Having high expectations becomes second nature; and with high expectations comes excellent outcomes.

We believe that children learn best when they feel valued and secure. When children know that they are listened to and cared for, they develop the inner confidence and resilience that allows them to love learning and to tackle challenges without giving up. Their friendships will flourish as they have opportunities to work and play together cooperatively and constructively. The teachers at Moss Hey are dedicated to providing exciting and challenging educational experiences, both in and out of the classroom.

We aim to develop active, engaged learners. We believe that developing children’s capacity to work with others, to manage information, to think creatively, to solve problems and make decisions will enable them to play an active role in their learning journey. Our pupils focus on ‘Learning to Learn’ both in the classrooms and also through our weekly ‘Spotlight on Learning’ assemblies.

The partnership between home and school is an essential part of the Moss Hey philosophy. We know that when there are high levels of trust and openness between home and school, everyone can work together to ensure that each child has a successful, positive time at school.

Vision and Strategy

Home School Agreement 2017

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