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Ruth Smith

Chair of Governors

Owen Twiss

Vice Chair of Governors

Iain Coates

Chair of Finance &

Premises Committee

Jenny Menzies-Gow

Chair of Teaching &

Learning Committee

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Mike Ramsey Rhiannan Hale Julie Longbottom Jeremy Meal
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 Alex Gemmell Nicola Mullen  Emma Smith  Chris Belsham

Welcome to the Governors’ page of the new updated Moss Hey website. The Governing Body forms part of the Education partnership, along with staff, parents and of course the children themselves.

The role of the Governing Body is to act as a ‘critical friend’ to the School, to support and challenge Mrs Smith and the staff on strategic issues, but not to ‘interfere’ in the running of the school on a day-to-day basis. While we are always pleased to receive suggestions and feedback, any specific concerns or queries should always be referred in the first instance to the class teacher.

The full Governing Body meets once every term but, there are many other meetings going on throughout the year. We have 2 committees which meet regularly each term, and most Governors choose to be on one or more of these committees:mh-sept-2016-86

a) Finance and Premises (reviewing the school budget, premises and staffing issues)

b) Teaching and Learning (covering all matters affecting the Curriculum)

The Governing Body is made up of Local Authority Governors (appointed directly by the LA), Co-opted Governors, and Governors  from the teaching staff and Parent Governors who stand for election and generally serve a 4 year term.

As Chair of Governors I will always try to make myself available to you, and meetings can be arranged through the School Office.


Ruth Smith

Chair of Governors

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