Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum, September 2018

At Moss Hey, we are proud of our curriculum; it is broad and balanced, rich and varied, and inspires the children. The teachers engage and enthuse, then challenge, the children across all subject areas. Using a wide range of ‘hooks’ our teachers plan high quality and memorable learning experiences.

Each half term has a main ‘topic’ focus. This may be broadly historical, geographical or science based. Within this work, the children will develop skills and knowledge appropriate to their age and ability. Whenever suitable, links are made between this topic and other subjects; but tenuous links are discouraged!

English and Mathematics are taught every day as discrete subjects. There will be a whole class focus, with very clear learning objectives. Within this lesson, children will be presented with a wide range of activities linked to this learning objective. However, the skills and knowledge developed in these lessons are applied throughout the curriculum.

French is taught to our Key Stage Two pupils. We take our Year 3, 4 and 5 classes swimming for a term each; we go to Hazel Grove Leisure Centre. We employ a specialist games coach for outdoor games, and a specialist music teacher who has transformed music at school; our choir and band are both extremely well attended by both boys and girls and across all ages.

Our Golden Thread of values – respect, tolerance, kindness, happiness and friendship – are embedded into all lessons, both in the planning and the delivery.

Children at Moss Hey have a varied diet of teaching techniques: whole class, group work, independent work. Work with the teacher, work with a Teaching Assistant, work with a parent volunteer. Work in the classroom, the ICT suite, the library, in small work areas and also outside.

There is an expectation that teachers plan trips and visits out of the classroom linked to learning. We also arrange a wide range of workshops to take place at school, providing an invaluable source of information.

All classes offer a termly Family Workshop. Parents, grandparents and siblings are invited in to work alongside the pupils on a particular project, or to celebrate the learning at the end of the topic. These family workshops are very well attended and parents love to see their children within the classroom environment. The parents learn a lot too!

Capturing children’s learning takes place in different ways, reflecting their development. Our Early Years Foundation Stage children have beautiful Learning Journals, charting their progress throughout this crucial year. Photographs and notes form the backbone of their learning, and the online platform ‘Tapestry’ ensures parents are fully involved in their child’s learning journey.

We have high expectations of the quality of work in children’s books as they move through the school. We have recently introduced a Learning Journey book beyond the Early Years Foundation Stage classroom to capture the range of experiences our children are given.

Come and see what we do!

If you would like to find out more about our curriculum please contact the school office.

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