Our Day

Our Day

website 7The doors open for children at 8:50. All of our teachers welcome children in, and are available for a quick chat with parents. The Head teacher (as often as is possible) is also on the playground in the morning.

The register is taken at 9:00.

Playtime is at 10:30 until 10:45, with lunch starting at 12:00 for an hour.

There is a short afternoon break at 2:20 to 2:30.

Our Foundation Stage class does not have a set playtime in the morning and afternoon; their classroom door is always open, with continuous provision and taught sessions taking place both in and out of the classroom.

EYFS and Key Stage One go home at 3:15, and Key Stage Two finish at 3:30

Usually, the morning learning is based around maths and literacy, including guided reading and phonics. The afternoon is usually more ‘topic based’. Our ICT suite is used throughout the day, and indoor gymnastics/dance can be in the morning or the afternoon. Our specialist music teacher and games coach come in during the afternoons.

mh-sept-2016-48Our assemblies are at the end of the day, so that high quality teaching and learning can take place when the children are at their freshest – the morning.  Our Monday assembly is a time for those children who learn an instrument to perform for the rest of the school. The Friday afternoon assembly is our ‘Spotlight on Learning’ assembly, with children sharing their work.

Our uniform is simple and practical; a blue sweatshirt or cardigan, a pale blue or white polo shirt and grey skirt or trousers. Uniform is available to order online from My Clothing, the link is here:- My Clothing

Book bags and PE bags can be purchased from the school office.