Year 1

y12Moss Hey pupils continue their learning journey as they enter Key Stage One. Through a wide range of well-planned and exciting activities the children continue to build a secure foundation of knowledge. They are given many first-hand experiences making learning relevant to their lives.

y11Mrs Jordan says: ‘We work hard to ensure that the transition from the Foundation Stage to Key Stage One is as smooth as possible. Our classroom is designed to promote independent learning, and our construction, creative and role play areas are a firm favourite. Our thematic approach to teaching and learning ensures that our children are fully engaged and eager to learn. Our children thrive on the roles and responsibilities they are given within the classroom, which help to develop their confidence and independence. The year ahead promises to be an exciting one!’

Spring Letter for website year 1

Y1-Spring term overview

Year 1: End of Year Expectations

Year 1: Curriculum Map