Year 5

y51The year kicks off in grand style, with children learning about the materials and their properties, in a topic entitled ‘Abracadabra’. ‘That’s Life’ and ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’ are a science based topic and a history based project. Inventions are covered in a topic called ‘A World of Cracking Ideas’. The locality is studies, alongside a unit on the earth and our solar system – ‘Spaced Out’ and ‘Location, Location, Location’.

y52The Autumn term also sees the children going on their first Residential. A trip away from home is always fantastic, with the children learning so much about themselves and their friends. It is a chance for adults and children to experience new places and activities away from school; so very valuable.

Year 5 Curriculum Map North America

Year 5: End of Year Expectations

Year 5: Curriculum Map