Year 6

y63  At last, after six years of schooling, the children reach the ‘top’ of the school. By now they are confident and competent learners, able to listen, work hard and apply their knowledge. Despite being the year of the SATs, the class experiences a range of topics that maintain their interest in learning.

y61Our Year 6 also go on a well deserved Residential once the SATs are over, where they can push themselves physically on zip wires and high ropes.

y62Mr Ramsey says: ‘Year six is set to be a challenging but fun year. In order to prepare everyone for their transition to High School, I will encourage independence. I will encourage the children to begin to take responsibility for their own learning. We have some engaging topics, which will generate great discussions and food for thought. Do come and see me anytime; we need to work together to ensure the pupils’ safety, happiness and progress.’

Y6 – Spring overview for parents

Year 6: End of Year Expectations

Year 6: Curriculum Map